Amrita Singhal is based in Berkeley, California and studies drawing and art history with painter Louise Smith.

Artist Statement

I grew up in India a bookish daydreamer, my head filled with the sorrows and romance of British and Russian literature. Day to day life was saturated with the magic of Hindu mythology and the vitality of post-colonial, pre-modern India. I emigrated to the US as a teenager and eventually became a lawyer. However, once I discovered painting, I knew I had truly found my home.

Painting for me is the expression of a state of enchantment and my paintings are an effort to interpret some essential truths about living in our world. I enjoy using many beautiful and fantastic tools in my work - oil paints, printmaking inks, monotype and etching plates, oil and chalk pastels, gouache, charcoal from forests and pigments from around the world. I love to explore the techniques of old masters, paint on linen and wood, and make prints on old world paper. Inspiration can hurtle at me from all directions through nature, love, religion, literature, music, anxiety, fear, other artists, and creatures real or imagined.